Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No more blogging

Hey guys. I will no longer do blogging, I found out recently that my Adsense account got disabled. This was my only source of income that I get, I need to start saving up for college which I start in a couple of years. I have no idea what happened. I read all the terms and conditions and followed them. I tried repealing the disable but it got denied. Google didn't provide a reason for the disabling. Anyways if you guys can help me by sending an email that would help :) If you got any advice go ahead and send me a PM on my Twitter @Ttoti1. Thanks guys and have an awesome day

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Project Cafe has been confirmed

Its dumb that Nintendo is making a new console so fast! They should have made the Wii have graphics that compared to the Sony PS3 or the Xbox 360. So a news site by the name of Nikkei is reported that indeed Nintendo is making a new console that will feature a controller with a six-inch touchscreen. However, in addition to simply including a generic touchscreen, this controller can also be used independently as a ‘portable gaming device'. Its dumb that they are making a controller that turns into a portable gaming device. The 3DS just came out!!!!! Nintendo is just a big money whore!!! Anyways, what do you guys think? And have a great day!

The article is here
And the Nikkei article is here(You have to register an account to view)

Friday, June 3, 2011


     Sorry for the late post. But are you guys gonna purchase an NGP? I'm gonna try to, this device has alot of potential with its specs and game line up so far. Hopefully the price is just right and worth it. I had a blast with the original PSP and hopefully this will be the same or better

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"EA Is Confident That Battlefield Will Surpass The Call Of Duty Series"

I saw this on Hot Blooded Gamer and I had to write about this. MCV had an interview with Jens Uwe Intat from Electronic Arts. He said
                   “Certainly. The only question is when that day will be. And for me, the sooner the better. With Battlefield 3 we have a superior games engine and a top notch product. We are convinced that we will, in fact, have a better product than our key competitor in the space. We think this is the perfect year to gain back market share.”

I highly believe this year is the year of Battlefield. Battlefield WILL beat Call of Duty's ass!!! Im so excited for this game and what doors it will open. Tell me what you guys think. Have a great day

And the link is right here


Sorry guys that I haven't been posting alot. I've been really lazy and busy because this school year is coming to a close and I have a butt load of projects due and got finals next week and I'm done!!! Woot woot!!! Anyways next week is gonna be filled with alot of content. E3 is right around the corner and I'll post stuff on here. At the end I'll tell you which company of the big 3 (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) had the best conference. Be patient with me and when summer comes be ready for new content. Like some game reviews like Duke Nukem Forever, Portal 2 ( I just finished Co-op). Maybe a few movies and alot of tech news!! Anyways have a great day/night